Vizzbee is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that develops drone based solutions
to provide actionable intelligence from aerial data.

Specially in the field of Emergency response and Last mile delivery solutions.

Who are we ?

Precise Localization
Unparalled Perception

High-level of Awareness required for seamless motion

Longer Endurance
Low Latency
Intelligent Hardware
Long Range Communication
Visual Sensors
Precision Landing

We integrate and innovate state-of-the-art technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Drone Softwares to ensure a hassle free production and utilisation

Real Time Obstacle Avoidance.

Drone excels in mapping and planning motion in dynamic environment

Emergency Respones and Package Deliveries

We pioneer in last mile delivery using drone.

autonomous delivery mission begin
stage 1 begin
stage 2 begins
stage 2 complete
stage 3 begins
stage 4 begin
stage 4 complete
change complete
loop repeats
loop 3 begin
change begin
change complete
loop 3 complete
delivery complete
High altitude Flight
Mid altitude Flight
Mid altitude Flight

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

You wish, Drone delivers

Our Team

Meet the founders