Who are we ?

Vizzbee specializes in low altitude, Urban Aviation Infrastructure Management.
It offers state of the art algorithms for Strategic and Tactical Deconfliction
for Aerial Vehicles while maximizing safety and efficiency.
The Company is trying to solve the current challenges to the existing UTM infrastructure in order to carry out
BVLOS operations in dense and high-density areas which ensures fair airspace and resource allocation across multiple stakeholders.

Precise Localization
Safer Trajectories

High-level of Awareness required for seamless motion

Strategic De-confliction
Low Latency
Autonomous Operations
Long Range Communication via 4G/5G Telemetry
Fleet Management
Precision Landing

We integrate and innovate state-of-the-art technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Drone Softwares to ensure a hassle free production and utilisation

Realtime Tactical and Strategic De-Confliction.

Drone excels in mapping and planning motion in dynamic environment

Emergency Respones and Package Deliveries

We pioneer in Unmanned Traffic Managemet for Autonomous Delivery Drones.

Autonomous delivery mission Initiated
Generating Routes
Checking Route Availability
Route Approved by CAA
Mission Initiated
Preflight Checklist Passed
Tactical De-confliction Enabled
Location Updated
loop repeats
loop 3 begin
Route Change Initiated
change complete
Precision Landing Complete
delivery complete
High altitude Flight
Mid altitude Flight
Mid altitude Flight

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

You wish, Drone delivers

Our Team

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